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Top Reasons Private Clubs Partner With Troon

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  • It’s About the Club, Not Troon. Decisions are always based on what’s best for the membership and ownership group – not what’s best for Troon, any individual member, or any special interest group at the club.
  • Sustainable Future. The trends over the past 10 years are evidence that more and more owners are not happy with the self-managed status quo and are looking to the professional management-operating model to secure a sustainable future for the club.
  • Collaborative Governance. Troon (including the on-site GM and staff) serves the membership at the direction of the ownership group. We can help you operate at a higher level, allowing you to get back to focusing on the strategic direction of your club and less on the day-to-day operation.
  • Member Value Adds. At no extra cost to the club, the club is now part of a network of clubs to enjoy when traveling (180+ daily fee/resort courses and 135+ private courses).
  • Talent Acquisition. Troon employs more industry professionals than any other company in club management, allowing us to utilize this talent pool to benefit our clients with the best talent at reasonable salaries.
  • Superior Resources to Enhance the Overall Experience. With access to Troon’s talent and resource-rich operating platform, owners can now get action/execution on multiple fronts simultaneously.
  • Cost-Neutral Solution. In most cases, the majority of our costs are covered annually through our efficiencies, buying power, and membership retention/growth.

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Industry Insights

Troon’s Business Development Team is contacted by all types of Club Owners who have the desire to learn more about our professional management approach.

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