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"I am grateful to you, for though you didn't know it,
you were helping me as well." —Daniel, Yambio Region

Greetings everyone,

The news that is coming in is not good. As you have heard, thousands of people are displaced in the South right now, fleeing Abyei where the Government of Sudan has taken over, burned and looted.

Nuba Mountains have now been attacked. Even though Nuba Mountains is on the North side, there has been a lot of cooperation there with the Southern Government and there is a strong Christian presence there. The Muslims and Christians get along there and oppose Khartoum. The Gov of Khartoum troops have attacked Nuba Mountains, targeting specifically t he churches and pastors. They have burned the churches and confiscated the equipment belonging to the churches. Pastors have fled and the flock is scattered.

This has been planned for some time by Khartoum. Both Abyei and Nuba were areas that Khartoum wanted to take over and have fought over in the past.

Our area is safe so far Praise God. The supply routes to Khartoum are closed however, and this is how food is shipped to Aweil and purchased there to bring back to our children. We got food in for June, but the cost is 50% more and we are not sure if there will even be any food next month.

I am also forwarding pictures sent by Santino of some of the Darfurians who came to Jorbich to pick up the survival supplies we shipped in to them.

Please keep praying and give as you are able.



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